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Octa FX Bonus : 50% added to all deposits

50% deposit bonus based on all deposits of €/$50+. At times this can be increased to 100% deposit bonus.

T&Cs Apply

All deposits above $50 eligible.
*This offer does not apply to European, or US residents. Please see full terms & conditions for more details.

Octa FX continue to provide an enticing bonus offer to users interested in topping up their trading account with a little extra. During certain times of the year, you will also find the Octa FX bonus swelling to 100%, but keep an eye on the conditions to ensure you will meet the trading requirements for withdrawal.

The Octa FX bonus adds an extra 50% to each and every deposit you make above $50, assuming you are happy to opt in to the conditions offered. This effectively gives you a greater balance from which to trade with Octa FX, and increases a $100 deposit, into a $150 trading account. To add to this, the deposit bonus amount is withdrawable as real money once you achieve a certain set of qualifying conditions that we will outline below.

Octa FX Bonus Is Withdrawable, Once Conditions Are Achieved

Whilst many forex bonuses are there to help you trade with a greater account value only, the Octa FX bonus is fully withdrawable as real money, but you will need to trade actively to reach the goals that are set. The condition on withdrawal is linked to the trading volume you are able to achieve, in a number of lots (or per 100,000 of currency).

The formula for the bonus with Octa FX looks like so –

  • Deposit $100, receive $50 in bonus capital added to your account, new total account balance = $150
  • Take your bonus amount only and divide by 2, removing the $, and replacing with ‘lots’. Using the example here, $50/2 = 25 lots.

    * It is worth noting that if you decide to withdraw your own deposited amount before you have reached the qualification criteria for your Octa FX bonus to be withdrawn, then the bonus will be cancelled. You are able to withdraw profits made from your trading over and above the deposit amount you have made, but you cannot drop your account below that balance by withdrawing without the bonus termination.

If you would prefer to reduce the amount of the bonus you receive in order to reduce the lot qualification conditions, then you can do so during the time you make your deposit. It is also worth noting that the volume calculation starts from the moment of your first bonus requested, not the time you make the deposit, and continues consecutively.

This means that if you deposited $100 on Tuesday and started trading immediately, but on Thursday you claimed $50 bonus, the volume calculation for your bonus starts from Thursday, with any trading activity made beforehand not included. As a result, it is usually advisable to claim your bonus at the same time as you make your deposit to ensure all your trading volume will be considered within calculation.

Full terms & conditions for the Octa FX bonus can be found here.

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